10 Reasons Why We Love Running An Estate Practice And Why You'll Love It As Well

In this article, Sid shares the experiences and insights that he gained by working in this exciting and stimulating area of Estate Law, especially in a manner that provides the flexibility and control that he was looking for in a legal practice.

10 Educational and Consulting "Add-on" Services To Go From An Ordinary To A Boutique Estate Planning & Consulting Firm

In this article, we have listed 10 add-on services that can be bolted on to an estate planning firm that allows the lawyers go tap into a top-tier customer base who are seeking more than estate document drafting services - they need education, strategy, consulting, and mentorship, which are the "bolt-on" services.

Comparing Pricing Systems Of A Traditional Firm With One That Also Bolts On Education & Consulting Services

In this article, you'll see the additional layers of services and the extra value that you can offer a client, especially if they have a sophisticated portfolio of assets.

By adding the additional layers of value, you transform your firm from one that engages primarily in "one-time transactions" to one that has a book of "recurring clients" that love working with you on a long-term basis.

3 Practical Examples Of Services Offered To Clients

In this article, you'll get an in-depth look under the hood as we examine 3 practical cases and the types of services that you can offer with a Boutique Estate Planning & Consulting Firm.

For comparison, we've also included the services we used to offer when we ran a much more traditional estate practice (in our early days) that mainly focused on traditional estate planning and drafting services.

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